The North Jennie Target

System Type:

Low-sulfidation, volcanic-hosted, epithermal gold system


The North Jennie target area has an overall width of nearly one kilometre at its widest and a strike-length of over 2 kilometres.


None at this time


The North Jennie target is situated on the Nevada-Utah State line and lies along a +2-kilometre-long north-south structural corridor, which hosts several targets, including the Thor resource and the historic underground Jennie Mine on its southern end. 


Astral Mining Corporation completed one hole on the North Jennie target, which is reported in their data (Smith, 2005). Astral defined this target based on interpretations of the CSAMT survey conducted by Zonge Geoscience. The target is located beneath a thick cover of quaternary gravels at the drill collar. Astral’s drill hole demonstrated that gold mineralization is present along the northern projection of the Jennie vein system, with the bottom 9.2 metres of the hole averaging 1.04 g/t gold and 5.83 g/t silver. This projection corresponds to the resistivity anomaly shown in the CSAMT survey data (see CSAMT map below). The majority of this area is covered by post-mineral colluvium and volcanic flows, and the target currently remains untested by the Corporation (for more information, please refer to the technical report entitled “Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment NI 43-101 Technical Report - Gold Springs Project, Utah-Nevada, USA” dated June 22, 2020).

In 2009, Astral terminated their interest in the project due to a lack of funds.


North of the Thor resource the North Jennie target is defined by a strong CSAMT high-resistivity signature which remains open to the north (see press release of September 2, 2020). Mineralization in this area is obscured by post-mineral flows and colluvium cover.  

Though the target area is under post-mineral cover it is the strongest resistivity anomaly identified by the Company’s CSAMT (ground-based) geophysical survey, both in width and resistivity strength. The North Jennie CSAMT anomaly has an overall width of nearly one kilometer at its widest and a strike length of over 2 kilometres. The anomaly has a similar shape to the North Jumbo resource and Juniper CSAMT anomaly to the east.


North Jennie is bounded by two major north-south striking structures in a similar setting to that seen at the North and South Jumbo resource areas. This structural setting creates areas of extensional tectonics creating a favorable setting for gold mineralization. The one drill hole confirms that North Jennie represents a similar style of gold mineralization as that seen at North Jumbo located 1,600 metres to the east. The drill log reports stockwork veining and silicification in the areas of strong gold mineralization as is found within the Jumbo resources.

Structural Geology:

The North Jennie extension lies along a +2 kilometre-long north-south structural corridor identified through structural mapping, Lidar imaging, and the CSAMT geophysical survey.  This structural zone host several targets including the Thor resource and the historic underground Jennie Mine on its southern end.  North Jennie has the same structural setting as both the North and South Jumbo resource areas being bounded by two major structures on the east and west.

Historical Mining:

No historic mining took place within the North Jennie target as it is covered by post-mineral volcanic flows and colluvium


The North Jennie target area has seen limited surface sampling by the Company. One drill hole targeting the CSAMT anomaly was completed in 2006 by Astral Mining Corporation. The bottom 9.2 metres of the hole averaging 1.04 g/t gold and 5.83 g/t silver.  

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