Targets with resource


6 targets with 

existing resources:

1 million oz M&I 

wide open

for expansion


2022 Ongoing Drilling Program of 20’100 Meters RC (2 RC Drills) and 2’000 Meters Core          (1 Core Drill) with the Objectives:

  1. The RC Drill No 1 to expand our 6 existing resources, especially at North Jumbo, Tremor, South Jumbo, Charlie Ross, and White Point.

  2. The RC Drill No 2 to drill on 4 new targets at Homestake, Snow, Horseshoe Extension, Midnight.

  3. The Core drill will be used to collect material for further metallurgical testing of all our resource areas while testing the depth extension of some significant resistivity anomalies beneath them.

Our 2022 exploration program also includes the expansion of CSAMT geophysical surveys on various targets and completion of baseline studies to advance the mine permitting process. 


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