Targets with drilling

The 2022 drill program completed 77 RC holes for a total of 16,226 meters 

  • 24 holes around South Jumbo resource,
  • 22 holes around North Jumbo resource,
  • 19 holes around Charlie Ross resource (2021discovery),
  •   2 holes on Snow target (2022 discovery),
  •   5 holes on Red Light target,
  •   5 holes on Horseshoe Extension target.

Assays have been received from 41 RC holes: 20 of the 24 at South Jumbo, 13 of the 22 at North Jumbo, 6 of the 19 at Charlie Ross, 2 at Snow, none from the Red Light and Horseshoe Extension targets.

At Snow target, the 2 first drill holes ever completed resulted in a new discovery with hole SN-22-002 returning 1.98 g/t gold equivalent* over 3.0 meters and 0.70 g/t gold equivalent over 27.4 meters (Gold equivalent based on US$1,800/oz gold, US$25/oz silver and 50% for silver recovery).

The ground based CSAMT geophysical survey covering most of the 33 targets was completed in August 2022.  

2022 Drilling results:

  • South Jumbo: Expansion of the resource (see link).
  • North Jumbo: Expansion of the resource (see link).
  • Charlie Ross: Expansion of the resource (see link).
  • Snow: Discovery of a new gold mineralization (see link).
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