System Type:

Epithermal, quartz veining, breccias and strong stockwork zones.


The Juniper target has a 600 metres strike-length with potential extension to the north under post-mineral cover.


None at this time


The Juniper target lies on the Utah side of the Gold Springs project and is situated 200 metres northwest of, and runs parallel to, the North Jumbo resource. 


None to date.


The Juniper target is defined by a strong north-south CSAMT (ground geophysical survey) resistivity anomaly.  The anomaly is of similar magnitude and length to the anomaly which covers the North Jumbo resource but is much broader in width reaching up to 400 metres versus 200 metres at North Jumbo. The CSAMT anomaly is open to the north where the Company plans to extend the CSAMT ground geophysical survey coverage (see map below). Juniper is also centered on a high resistivity anomaly from the airborne ZTEM geophysical survey. The North Jumbo resource follows the eastern edge of this ZTEM anomaly (see map below). These anomalies show broad zones of resistivity highs centered on the strong quartz-sericite alteration and a region of structural complexity which is a similar setting to both the North and South Jumbo resources.  


The northern portion of the Juniper target is predominantly covered by post-mineral volcanic flows. Windows exposing the underlying material contain strongly quartz-sericite altered andesite frequently containing veins up to 0.5 meters in width and broad zones of stockwork veins and breccia development. The style of mineralization, the alteration and the structural setting at Juniper are like those seen in the southern portion of the North Jumbo resource where +100 metre zones of +1 g/t Au have been intersected in drilling. Historical mine pits are seen throughout the juniper target area, exposing quartz veins, hydrothermal breccias, and strongly altered andesite.  Juniper has scattered exposures of altered and veined outcrop showings, that can be seen through windows in the overlying post-mineral material. It appears that the quartz-sericite alteration and stockwork veining extends under the thin cover, potentially stretching over an area roughly 600 x 400 metres and remains open to the north where the possible extension goes under post-mineral cover.

Structural Geology:

The Juniper target is bound by two regional left-lateral strike-slip faults that have accommodated extension and dilational zones with a series of intersecting faults, oblique to the main strike-slip fault zones (see map below).  These fault intersections have similar character and shapes to structural zones that host the North and South Jumbo resources.

Historical Mining:

There are a numerous historical mining pits and one reclaimed shaft located within the target area.


This target area has seen limited sampling by the Company and by previous companies which controlled the project in the past (Astral Mining and Cambior Exploration USA*). Significant results from rock chip sampling were achieved by all groups with gold values ranging from 0.128 g/t to 14.2 g/t and silver from 0.9 g/t to 192.8 g/t. High-grade gold values were obtained from strongly sericite-altered andesite, often displaying stockwork veining, which generally contained little to no vein material.  These samples include 1.27 g/t Au collected by the Company and 14.2 g/t collected by Astral Mining.This type of mineralization is supportive of widespread gold mineralization and highlights Juniper as a bulk target. 

Table: Rock Chip Sampling Results from Juniper conducted by the Company, by Astral (2004) and by Cambior (1998):



Sample Type



Au g/t

Ag g/t



Discontinuous, 0.5m


Stockwork quartz veining in clay altered andesite







Quartz-Sericite-Pyrite altered andesite with cross cutting massive and druzy quartz veins







Silicified breccia with andesite clast.



87480 GRC Float Juniper Brecciated, clay altered with quartz cement and stockwork quartz veining 0.44 1.8
102504 GRC Dump Juniper Vein in silicified andesite 1.40 44.5
103813 GRC Dump Juniper Oxidized quartz veins in sericite altered andesite 0.27 31.6
103814 GRC Float Juniper Quartz vein with hematite oxidation 4.23 167
103845 GRC Float Juniper Gossanous andesite 0.29 4.2
103848 GRC Grab Juniper White-clear quartz vein in silicified andesite with overprinting clay alteration 0.54 41.9
103850 GRC Continuous, 1m Juniper Stockwork quartz veining in sericite altered andesite with pyrite cubes 0.94 22.3
103852 GRC Grab Juniper Drusy quartz vein in silicified, clay altered andesite 0.50 9.0
103861 GRC Float Juniper Massive white quartz vein with vugs of strong oxidation in silicified andesite 0.99 22.6
103862 GRC Float Juniper Massive white quartz vein with clay altered and silicified andesite margins 0.42 36.9
103864 GRC Grab Juniper Heavily sericitized and moderately silicified andesite with stockwork quartz veins 3.51 28.7
103872 GRC Float Juniper Nearly all silicified andesite 1.05 9.0
103877 GRC Dump Juniper Gossanous, quartz-sericite altered andesite with vugs of euhedral quartz 0.37 32.8
103878 GRC Dump Juniper Quartz-sericite altered andesite with coarse cubic pyrite crystals 0.41 22.4
103880 GRC Grab Juniper Clay/sericite altered andesite with stockwork quartz veining 0.26 2.3
54265 GRC Dump Juniper Vein in silicified andesite 0.36 15.5
54267 GRC Dump Juniper Altered andesite with moderate veining 0.31 21.2
54269 GRC Dump Juniper Veining in altered andesite 0.39 17.5
527425 Astral Chip Juniper Weak veining in altered andesite 0.13 5.5
527428 Astral  Chip Juniper Weak veining in altered andesite 0.29 0.9
527429 Astral Chip Juniper Andesite with moderate silicification 14.2 67.5
527430 Astral Chip Juniper Andesite with vuggy quartz 0.39 31.0
527431 Astral Chip Juniper Andesite with weak silicification 0.16 1.4
49517* Cambior Dump Juniper Veining in silicified andesite 3.35 192.8

A cutoff grade of 0.25 g/t Au was used for GRC’s samples, which is the cutoff grade for the adjoining North Jumbo resource.

*Cambior Exploration USA’s sampling was conducted prior to NI-43101 regulations being enacted and is listed as historical information only.  

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